How to use the BUFF-N-POLISH™ KIT

April 16, 2020



Are you feeling the effects of being sheltered in place in your home with all your family for weeks on end? Imagine how your furniture feels!

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After being stuck in your house for a couple of months your wood furniture probably is showing some small scratches and scuffs (especially if you have kids.) Mohawk's Buff-N-Polish™ Kit lets you buff out those scratches and polish your furniture restoring its smooth finish. This process isn't designed to eliminate scratches, but to blend them in to the surrounding area of the piece of furniture. It works for Lacquer, Catalyzed and Polyester Finishes.

The Buff-N-Polish™ Kit contains two grades of our Poly Buf™ Polishing Compound, Sanding Paper in 7 grits, a Cork Block, and Instructions.

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Step One:Sanding

Wrap a piece of sanding paper around the cork block and sand to smooth the surface. The Kit provides sandpaper in seven grits so you can progressively move from the 2400 grit to the 12000 grit.

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Step Two:Polish

You will find two grades of Poly Buf™ Polish in the Kit; Extra Fine for small scratches and Medium for those deeper scratches. Simply use a clean cloth and apply the Polish to your furniture in small circular motions. Wipe the surface with another clean cloth as you begin to see the Polish dry and you should see the scratch blend in with the surrounding area.

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Once you have your area smoothed, you can use one of our Ultra® Mark Markers or Pro-Mark® Markers to recolor the area you are working on. Our Brush Tip Markers are perfect if you simply need to replace or blend the grain lines.

Visit this link to watch to watch a step-by-step video on using the Buff-N-Polish™ Kit by Charleston Crafted.


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