Pro-Mark® Marker

  • Repair worn out spots and scratches on wood finishes
  • Capillary design allows excellent flow for application at any angle
  • Tip resists drying during the lifetime of the marker
  • Available in 40 different colors to match any project you have

Make wood touch-ups easy with Pro- Mark®, our stain capillary marker (formerly known as Pro-Mark® II). These tinted wood markers provide excellent spot coverage for scuffs and scratches, both minor and large in appearance. Each color is fade and bleed resistant, while deterring any color shift from top coating. The special design of the nib allows for excellent flow and precision of product during the lifetime of each wood pen. These wood markers adhere to most surfaces and provide resistance to polishes well after application.

 Also Available:

12 Pack Assortment #1- Colors Include: Natural Maple, Antique Maple, Honey Maple, Warm Oak, Warm Brown, Brown Paprika, Maple Glaze, Natural Amber, Golden Oak, Cherry/Walnut, Mocha Brown, Old World Walnut

12 Pack Assortment #2- Colors Include: Natural Ash, Honey Maple, Natural Amber, Red Brown Mahogany, Light Natural Oak, Dark Red Walnut, Cherry/Walnut, Deep Cordovan, Nutmeg, Brown Paprika, Van Dyke Brown, and Medium Dark Oak

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I color the worn edges on my table top?

The easiest way to color worn edges is to use a Touch Up Marker. Simply run the edge of the marker across the worn edge to restore the color. No mixing paints or use of messy brushes is necessary.

There are scratches on the surface of my furniture. The scratches go all the way through to the wood, leaving a light line that draws the eye. How can I color these scratches?

The easiest way to color scratches is to use a Touch Up Marker. Simply run the tip of the marker across the scratch to restore the color. Generally, you're better off starting with a light colored Marker because the color darkens over exposed wood. If it is too light, you apply the Marker 2 or 3 times, or you can change to a darker marker.