Ultra® Mark Marker

  • Use the Ultra Mark wood stain marker to replace the color of worn or damaged areas
  • Contains light fast pigments that seal, stain and finish
  • Ideal for edges and scratches
  • Compatible with all types of finishes, including painted furniture

Give worn furniture and décor the face-lift it needs with just one swipe of the Ultra® Mark, our wood touch-up and finishing marker. This wood touch-up marker makes refreshing painted and wood surfaces quick and easy, just like writing with a pen! Ideal for edges and scratch recoloring, this marker can flawlessly renew painted furniture, trim, doors, and any other project you can imagine.


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Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Follow our Ultra Mark Color Guide Resource to identify which wood pen will fit the color you are looking for. Find this guide under our Resource tab or by clicking here

Step 2

After the desire color has been received, shake the marker well before using.  Relieve the pressure by depressing the nib in an upright position.  Continue pressing down on the pen until the stain covers the nib.

Step 3

After the nib is wet, complete a slow, even stroke over the worn area. 

Step 4

After the single stroke has been completed, lightly follow the area with a paper towel or microfiber towel to remove any excess stain.

Step 5

Continue this process until desired appearance is achieved.


If further instructions or visuals are desired, click the thumbnail photo to be directed to our Ultra Mark Wood Touch Up Marker tutorial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I color the worn edges on my table top?

The easiest way to color worn edges is to use a Touch Up Marker. Simply run the edge of the marker across the worn edge to restore the color. No mixing paints or use of messy brushes is necessary.

There are scratches on the surface of my furniture. The scratches go all the way through to the wood, leaving a light line that draws the eye. How can I color these scratches?

The easiest way to color scratches is to use a Touch Up Marker. Simply run the tip of the marker across the scratch to restore the color. Generally, you're better off starting with a light colored Marker because the color darkens over exposed wood. If it is too light, you apply the Marker 2 or 3 times, or you can change to a darker marker.