Wood Sign Hand Lettering DIYs

July 13, 2018

Ready for a wood working hack? One of our favorite products is the Ultra Mark wood stain marker. It's the easiest way to replace color to worn wood and painted furniture. We're talking worn edges and minor but noticeable surface scratches. Seriously, this is one paint pen you'll want in your toolbox for recoloring painted furniture, trim, and even doors. But here's the best part-

Ultra Marks write just like markers.

These are easier than using a paintbrush and paint letting you have better control over where the stain color goes. This makes Ultra Marks the perfect tool for creating hand lettered home décor, and here are some of our favorites to get your inspiration flowing.

Wood Slice DIY Keychains


Daydreamers wandering hearts be still. These wood slice DIY rustic keychains keep travel on the mind, while making sure you never lose your keys-to us that's a win-win. Depending on the size of wood slice you're working with, one-word hand lettering works best.

Monogram Family Plaque


Customization is key. This family monogram DIY shows how you can achieve different looks using acrylic paint or stain as your background color- just depends on your family's style! Are you more modern? Or stay on the side of traditional? Good thing Ultra Marks come in a wide variety of shades to make color coordinating easily.

DIY Thankful Chalkboard


Whether you decide to paint or stain the wood using Ultra® Penetrating Stains, this interactive chalkboard sign is the perfect way to make sure to remind your family of what's important in life. What are you thankful for?

Hand Lettered Farmhouse Tray


 If hand lettering isn't your strong point, print out a stencil in a fancy font and tape it onto your wood tray. Take the Ultra Mark and fill in the empty space. You'll be left with a picture perfect product that'll make guest ask you where you bought it.

Location Coordinate Rustic Signs


Do you have a special place that is near to your heart? A first home? The place where you met your significant other? Subtly add that location into your home décor with these coordinate wooden signs. They're such a cute way to make your house feel like a home.

What wood home décor projects are on your to-do list? Tag us using #MohawkConsumer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance for us to feature yours! See you next Friday!

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