Wax Wash™ Remover

  • Prepare your surface the right way
  • Removes oil, wax, and foreign materials from most surfaces
  • Ideal for furniture, appliances, woodwork and any other finished surface
  • Removes contaminents making your touch up or refinishing a worry free experience
  • Perfect for removing excess wax from using Fil Sticks, Hard Fill Sticks, Blendal Sticks, and Quick Fill Sticks

Remove wax and oils from surfaces in seconds.  This special blend of solvents will remove wax and oil from any surface in one application.   Before applying a new finish or spot repairing, clean the surface off with Wax Wash Remover to remove any impurities and ensure a desired finished is achieved. The presence of oil or wax on a surface will retard the drying of a new finish or even cause defects in the topcoat or repair. Wax Wash Remover is perfect for using on furniture, woodwork, and appliances prior to refinishing. 

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