Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick

  • Fill uneven defects in cabinetry, photo-finished laminate, and vinyl wrapped products
  • Available in 30+ colors with a low-sheen finish
  • Simple and easy application when used with our Battery Operated Burn-In Knife

The Quick Fill® Burn-In Stick makes filling dents, scratches and nicks fast and easy. This product is ideal for filling imperfections in cabinetry, flooring, and wood furniture. These sticks require a burn-in knife, which is why we recommend the Mohawk Battery Operated Burn-In Knife for added convenience. 


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Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Color the scratch with an Ultra Mark or Pro-Mark II since the Quick Fill allows light to penetrate.  Once you have colored the area, wipe the excess off with a soft cloth.

Step 2

After the area is colored, apply heat to the tip of the quick fill until it gets shiny and soft.

**Disclosure: make sure you do not allow the Quick Fill to drip on your hand - content may be hot**

Step 3

Once the Quick Fill Burn-In stick is warm, rub it into the area of the repair. First, start with hard pressure, then slowly decrease the amount of pressure so that you obtain an even fill.

Step 4

Once the repair has dried, rub your finger over the area.  If the area dips or you feel that it is uneven, repeat Step 3. 

Step 5

After the desired fill is achieved, take an old credit card and remove the excess from around the repair.  Make sure you do not remove the Quick Fill applied directly to the repair. 

Step 6

Once the excess is removed, press the flat part of the card directly onto the repair.

Step 7

Rub quickly the card quickly against the surface of the repair.

Step 8

Once the repair has been rubbed, take a soft cloth and polish the area. 

Step 9

Apply desired topcoats or colors - you will notice that the damage will not dip or distort.