Fil-O-Wood™ Wood Putty

Extra fine textured, water-base wood putty for holes, corner chips, cracks, screw holes and other defects. Will accept stain or finish in a manner similar to natural wood surrounding the defect. No strong solvents. Will not harm existing finish, can be sanded dry or wet. Once dry, Fil-O-Wood™ Wood Putty is shrink free, mar resistant, and has excellent adhesion. Recommended for both finishing and touch up repair systems where time is not of the essence or where hole is too large for filling with a Mohawk Burn-In Stick. Blendal® Powders can be intermixed with Fil-O-Wood™ Wood Putty to achieve additional shades. Can be sawed, drilled or carved.


1. Mild solvent system will not harm the surrounding finish.

2. Dries with minimum shrinkage and sands quickly.

3. Easy water clean-up.

4. Non-toxic, nonflammable.

5. Fil-O-Wood may be colored using Mohawk Blendal® Powders.

6. Can be molded, chiseled, sawed, stained and topcoated.


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