Sizing Liquid

Sizing Liquid, clear in color, is specially prepared for all Gold or Silver Leaf Metal requiring a quick size.  Sizing Liquid is a quick drying size with a workable tack time of about four hours.  Dry time can be made slower by adding a small amount of Boiled Linseed Oil.

16oz can.



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Step-By-Step Instructions

Mohawk Sizing Liquid & Application of Leaf

Following are the steps we recommend for applying leaf using Mohawk Sizing Liquid. This process is important and short cuts will result in poor adhesion, opening seams etc. Following the directions for dry times and coating are critical for a successful finish.

Sealing the substrate is important. We recommend our EZ Vinyl Sealer both under and over the leaf. The substrate should be well sealed so the sizing liquid will form a smooth, thin continuous film over the area to be leafed. On raw wood apply an even wet coat of EZ Vinyl Sealer and sand aggressively and then apply a second coat of EZ Vinyl Sealer and allow to dry thoroughly. Scuff sand the sealer with 320 grit stearated sand paper and remove the sanding dust.

Apply a thin wet coat of Mohawk Sizing Liquid in a solid, continuous film over the area to be leafed. Allow the Sizing Liquid to tack before using; typical tack times are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the amount of sizing applied. Heavier applications will give longer application windows and can be helpful on larger projects and exterior applications. A good indicator for proper start times is when you can lightly drag your finger knuckle against the film and can feel tack without excessive drag or sticking. The application window is approximately 2 hours for typical coating thicknesses. Exceeding the window of opportunity can lead to adhesion issues and should be avoided. Mohawk Sizing Liquid is an oil modified varnish formula that dries by oxidation, (exposure to oxygen). It should not be applied too heavily or irregular drying could result. Leafing too soon over wet sizing liquid or applying the sizing too early over wet sealer can result in shrinkage and wrinkling of the leaf.

Once dried to the proper tack, apply the leaf by gently guiding the sheets onto the surface in the desired pattern. Working the sheets from the books they're supplied in while using a soft natural bristle paint brush to help support the sheets you can control the application. Overlap the sheets slightly to ensure a tight gap between sheets. Continue to lay a few sheets and then use your brush to sweep the leaf down onto the sizing for a good bond. The brush should be soft enough not to scratch the delicate leaf material. You will break away the overlap which is left as you brush across the leaf causing it to break with little to no gap. Keep some sheets applied ahead of this step and use care not to brush the scrap out over your tacky sizing. Once your sizing starts to lose its tack you should stop and reapply the sizing liquid to regain the proper tack. Work sections at a time if possible to maintain the proper tack. Avoid any imperfections to the sizing such as finger prints from testing tack or brush marks etc. since they will telegraph through the leaf.

Once the leaf is applied you must allow the sizing liquid to fully cure before proceeding with the rest of the finish. The sizing liquid dries by oxidation and is now covered by leaf which will slow down the curing process. Rushing at this stage will cause adhesion failures, cracking and opening of seams. Allow a minimum of 12 hours before proceeding with your finish. Additional dry time is good insurance for a successful finish.