Scratch Remover

  • Heal and blend leather scratches
  • Removes fingernail scratches on aniline leather
  • Easy two-step application

Mohawk's Scratch Remover is a water-based product used to blend and hide surface scratches, rubs, and fingernail marks on aniline and pull-up leathers.

To see how this product can be used to aid in restoration, see this blog article by Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I restore the color to the scratches in my aniline leather?

Leather Scratch Remover is designed to re-color scratches in aniline leather.

How do I know what color of Leather Scratch Remover to buy?

Leather Scratch Remover is a gel that has no color. It pulls color from around and under the scratch to restore the color within the scratch. There is no need to choose from different colors.

Does Leather Scratch Remover work on pull up leather?

Yes. Pull up leather is a form of aniline leather.

I’m not sure what type of leather is on my furniture. What if it’s not aniline leather? Will Scratch Remover harm other leathers?

Scratch Remover will not harm pigmented leather, but it won't fix scratches on it. Do not use on Nubuck or Suede.