Classic Instrument Lacquer Gloss- QT

*Formerly Behlen B611-1406

A high quality Nitrocellulose Wood Lacquer for musical instruments providing unique depth of gloss, superior color and gloss retention, adhesion, and exceptional cold check resistance.

Formulated to produce a superior finish on thin, flexible veneers such as those used on stringed musical instruments. Excellent flow, flexibility and durability. Superior rubbing qualities yield a mirror-like reflectance. Supplied ready to spray.


1. Easy to use, no reduction necessary.

2. Good spray flow leveling properties.

3. Alcohol and scuff resistant finish.

4. Excellent rubbing and polishing characteristics.

5. Minimum shrinkage on aging.

6. Superior cold check resistance (cracking) - passes 20 cold check cycles on 1/8" plywood, 5 coats.

7. Hard, wear resistant finish that will show improved appearance on aging.

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