How to Repair with Hard Fill Sticks

August 02, 2019

How to Repair with Hard Fill Sticks

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Using Hard Fill Sticks can seem intimidating. But your upcoming home improvement project may involve filling and fixing medium defects where this is required. In this post we will walk you through why Mohawk Consumer Product's Hard Fill Sticks, Battery Operated Burn-In Knife, and Hard Fill Leveling Tool are the perfect products for the job and how to use them.

Initial Repair

Mohawk's Hard Fill Sticks are relatively easy to use. A traditional burn in knife can be used to melt and flow the material into the damaged area, but our Battery Operated Burn-In Knife can also be used and is much less expensive, portable and easier to use.

Choose a color that best matches the piece of furniture to be repaired. Colors can be combined to create the perfect match. Using the Battery Operated Burn-In Knife, melt the Stick and place the wax in the area to be repaired. Once the hard wax material is allowed to cool a few moments it then can be abraded down flush using our Hard Fill Leveling Tool . This tool is a plastic rasp like block that is abrasive enough to level the filler without scratching your finish. After this is complete, the filler can be buffed with a soft cloth to further smooth the repair, remove any wax from around the repair, and raise the luster if desired.

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Alternative Method

An alternative would be using Mohawk Finishing Products PermaFill™ System . Instead of melting the wax yourself, the wax is in a cartridge that is applied through the PermaFill™ dispenser. For more information on this method you can watch a video on how to use it HERE .


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Finishing Options

Usually repairs require a lighter stick to be used to provide the lighter highlights present in your finish. Other color products can be used to provide the darker tones and grain lines that may be missing in the repair area. Choosing a color to provide the lighter tones in your finish gives you the platform you need to build a better match.


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The Mohawk Brush Tip Markers are excellent options to applying grain lines or overtones to the Hard Fill repairs as they will stick to the wax material and won't damage the fill. While top coating will help fix the color work over the filler for a more permanent repair, the Brush Tip Marker material will stay put on many repairs where wear isn't an issue.

Hard Fill Sticks do not require top coating and with the proper match, the process is complete. You do have the option of coating over the repair with a touch up coating for a more finished look or to seal additional color steps you may perform over the filler.

If you would like to see a video on this entire process, THIS VIDEO will walk you step by step and explain everything you need to know.

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