May 22, 2019

Getting new Furniture for your home is a big deal. It's often a splurge some indulge in or it can be a lengthy labor of love. Buy it or build it, either way it's something you invested in and should be taken care of, keeping it useful and beautiful for the years to come. These four tips are super simple and following them will ensure a lifetime of pristine furniture. 

Tip 1: Keep it Cool and Dry

If wood furniture is kept in a moist or humid environment it has the opportunity to become warped or swollen. If you're wiping down a wood surface with water, make sure the cloth you're using is damp but does not drip. The water can seep into joints or any raw wood sections, causing it to swell. 

Tip 2: Keep it Dust-free

Cleaning more frequently is good in dusty areas to prevent the dust from reaching a point where it becomes abrasive. However, you should not have to be dusting very often if you're using a good polish because better polishes prevent dust from building up. 

 May 1


Tip 3: Use the Right Polish

Never use an all-purpose cleaner, they can be harmful to your specific type of wood or the stain that was put on it. Using a good polish that was intended for wood surfaces will have better results. Use polish sparingly because too much can leave a buildup on surfaces which can easily show smudges and finger prints. Quality polishes such as OZ Polish or Scratch and Mar Resistor Polish are perfect for surfaces in your home.

[Did You Know…? The OZ Polish contains an anti-static additive to help reduce the buildup of dust and also prevents against color fade. ]

May 2

Tip 4: Don't Forget About Taking Care of Hardware

Don't forget about the small finishing touches, they often make the biggest differences! Remove any metal pieces such as knobs or handles to effectively clean the area underneath. Then clean the hardware itself using Brass Lacquer, a polish that works on any metal material.

 May 3


For more information on how to properly take care of your furniture visit our YouTube channel to see instructional videos on how to keep your pieces in tip top shape!

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