Dealing With Spring Allergies?

April 08, 2019

Dealing With Spring Allergies?

"Spring is in the air." If you're like me, the older I get the more I realize what was truly meant by that statement. Along with the changing weather and trees blooming comes that dreaded word… POLLEN! My frost covered car is now a yellow pollen dust covered car.


We can't do anything to get rid of the pollen outside. But we can do something about the pollen and dust inside your house.

Change your air filter. A clean air filter is a good defense against removing dust and pollen from coming from the outside and circulating inside your house.

Clean your air vents and ceiling fan. It never fails that one of my children turns on their ceiling fan before I can clean it. Dust flies everywhere, all over their room. Clean off the dust that's collected from winter BEFORE turning on your ceiling fan.


Dust your furniture and counters with Oz® Cream Polish. Most furniture cleaners onlyremovethe dust. Oz Cream Polish goes further. It not only removes the dust, but it contains an anti-static agent protecting  your furniture and repelling any future dust accumulating on your furniture. That's why we call it the "All-In-One" furniture polish! It cleans, polishes and protects.

Invest in an air purification system. Air purifiers are becoming increasingly popular. There are different sizes available for different size rooms. If you are drinking purified water, it only makes sense to breath purified air. If you don't have a filter, you are the filter.
Take off your outside clothes. If you work in an outside environment it would be wise to remove your clothes not too long after entering your house. This prevents the dust and pollen that's gathered on your clothes from spreading throughout your house.

Leave the pollen and dust outside! Connect with us on our Facebook page for tips and tricks you've learned!

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