WHY WE L❤VE OUR PRODUCTS (and You Should Too!)

February 19, 2019

There are numerous reasons why we absolutely LOVE our touch up products.  Here are 4 reasons why touch up is the next thing you should fall in love with.  


Reason #1: You can add color to worn pieces of furniture in literally seconds. 

How often has the picture below been an issue in your home?  You just re-painted or re-stained your cabinets, and before you know it, the edges are a different color from the rest.  Before you become demoralized; there's a simple fix!  Snag a Pro Mark or Ultra Mark Touch Up Marker and revive the color of your cabinets in seconds! 

 Ultra Mark


(Photo: Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living)


Reason #2: You can turn something normal and boring into something artsy and unique!

Becoming inspired can be as simple as checking out a Pinterest board or even strolling through your local hobby or craft store! Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living made awesome coasters with our Pro-Mark Markers! Find how out here


(Photo by: Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living)


Reason #3: There are products for (almost) any type of repair

Whether you want to replace color to a worn edge on a table or fill a dent in your vintage dresser, there are solutions for all your needs. Missing a corner from a table?  Try epoxy putty.  Do you have a hole in your flooring that you can't stop complaining about?  Melt some hard fill in it and forget about it.  Whether it is Epoxy Putty (top photo) or permanent repairs, Fil-Stik (bottom right) for nicks and dents, or Ultra Mark (bottom left) for replacing color, we have you covered from start to finish!  Not to mention, you can always ask us questions.    Conversation Emoji



Reason #4: It's easy!

Alright, this one may be a tad opinionated since we are a touch up company.  However, we absolutely LOVE touch up and DIY, and we want to make the experience as fun and easy as possible!  Reach out to our Facebook or Twitter with any questions or concerns, no matter how intense or simple they may seem!


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