Decorating with Metal Composition Leaf

December 09, 2019

 Dec. 19 cover

Add some sparkle to your DIY projects by using Gold and Silver Composition Leaf! This low-cost alternative gives a striking and rich effect to picture frames, furniture and art objects.

This month we feature two projects where Mohawk's Gold and Silver Composition Leaf was used for decorating DIY projects. They also use Mohawk Consumer Products Sizing Liquid which is used to apply the Leaf.


Easy Holiday Crafts with Gold and Silver Foil

CharlestonCrafted wanted to spice-up their holiday decorations this year. They decided to used Gold and Silver Composition Leaf, along with Sizing Liquid to make three DIY projects.

 Dec. 19 Ornaments 2


Project 1: Star tree toppers

For the first project they decided to create whimsical looking stars. One star had polka dots and the second was a full-coverage silver star.


Project 2: Ball ornaments

On their second project they wanted to make some ornaments. Using plastic ornament balls, they used the Composition Leaf to give the balls a look as if they had been dipped in gold or silver.


Project 3: Foil gift tags (see their blog for photos)

The last project was to make shiny, oversized gift tags. They can be added on gifts for "to" and "from" or purely for decoration.

 Dec. 19 Ornaments

See their complete blog and how-to video HERE.


DIY Chalkboard

Love&Renovations had an inspiration to create a DIY "Thankful" chalkboard using Mohawk Consumer Products Gold Composition Leaf, Sizing Liquid and an Ultra® Mark Marker.

 Dec. 19 frame1

Amanda, who is in the process of moving wanted to create a decoration for their new house that her son would be able to use. She transitioned a thrift store frame into a beautiful, gold-leafed chalkboard.

 Dec. 19 frame2

Check out her how-to photos and videos on her blog HERE!


There are endless possibilities for ideas in using Gold and Silver Composition Leaf. Give it a-go and share your projects with us on Instagram or Facebook!



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