Thanksgiving with Mohawk

November 05, 2019

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Thanksgiving is being around family and eating all the delicious food you can eat. You spend hours cooking and getting the food ready for the big day. But with family and friends coming over, you can't forget to clean and get your house ready for company, right? It's time to get in that cleaning spirit and tidy your house up for Turkey Day!

Remove Scratches from Your Tables and Chairs

You don't want your guests looking at your scratched table, do you? Touch up your wood furniture to make your home seem brand new and ready for guests. Our 3-in-1 Repair Stick will become your best friend. With this repair stick, you can fill scratches and nicks, level the surface and blend in the color all in one handy tool. For more color options or scratch coverage, you can also use our Fil-Stik® or Ultra® Mark Marker.



Clean and Polish Your Furniture

Your guests are going to be amazed when everything looks brand new and has a shine to it. Whether it's an appliance, furniture or flooring, OZ® Cream Polish will clean up the mess and leave it smelling fresh. It's quick drying, contains no silicone and provides an anti-static agent for less dusting. It's also available in anaerosol can. OZ® Cream Polish is so versatile, you will be using it regularly! 

November OZ 


Clean Your Carpet, Chairs and Fabric

Over time our carpet and the fabric on our chairs and sofa collect stains and spots. A quick, easy and affordable solution to clean and remove stains on washable textiles and carpeting is our Upholstery/ Fabric Cleaner. Our handy spray bottle doesn't contain any bleach and is the best way to remove grease, ink, crayon, red drinks, lipstick, cosmetics, blood, shoe polish and more!

Fabric Cleaner Nov. 

Now you're ready for Thanksgiving Day! Stop back for more helpful tips and tricks from the experts to make caring for your wood, fabric and metal surfaces easy as pie (hopefully pumpkin, that's our favorite).


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