5 Steps to Mastering the Epoxy Putty Stick

January 21, 2019

Old screw holes, wood rot, and chipped edges are no match for Mohawk Finishing Product's Epoxy Putty Stick. Sometimes you need a filler that is a permanent solution. Mohawk's Epoxy Putty Stick allows you to restorerebuild, and repair wood and other hard surfaces for a durable and permanent fix. This Epoxy Putty consists of a RESIN and HARDENER, making it the perfect moldable putty for filling large holes and broken corners. Surfaces may be sanded, drilled, stained or painted after application.

Tasha, from Kaleidoscope Living takes you step by step as she uses our Epoxy Putty on a couple of wood drawers she found at a thrift shop. In just 5 easy steps she demonstrates the repair of a large area of damaged wood.

 How to Repair Wood with Epoxy Wood Filler: Kaleidoscope Living  Epoxy Steps

Do you have a DIY project you used our Epoxy Putty Sticks on that you want to show off? Share your transformation on our Facebook Page, or tag us in your Instagram Story: #MohawkConsumer.

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