Interior Design Colors 101

July 26, 2018

Colors are the easiest way to give a space some personality, but what vibe are you wanting to give off? From relaxing to energizing, certain colors exude different moods that could either help or hurt your decorating style.

Quick tip: To keep your worn furniture and décor looking sharp, the Ultra Mark wood stain marker will replace color on painted and wood surfaces just like writing with a marker. With hundreds of shades, you'll be able to refresh your area easily, even as your design style changes.



Reds are fun because the combinations are endless. The deeper the shade of red, the more drama you can add to your space by pairing it with blacks and magentas. The brighter the hue, the more passion and confidence your home décor will give off. Watch how much red you use though- too much can easily be overwhelming and prevent you from relaxing.




When you think of orange, you might find yourself thinking of sunsets and freshly squeezed orange juice. Looking for warmth? Think of the colors of fall. Looking for energy? Think tangerine. Sometimes people pick an orange hue over a red out of fear of being too bold. Personally, we're totally here for that swap!




One of the more difficult colors to work with is yellow, but if you match it correctly you'll create a warm space your family will want to spend time in. Wood furniture and accent furnishings pair nicely with warmer yellows. Pair a citron yellow with blacks and greys for a modern twist.




Similar to blues (see below), earthy greens can provide spaces with comfort and relaxation. Emerald green gives off the vibe of royalty and class. Lime and citrus greens promote excitement, which would make for a great accent color in the kitchen.




Blue tones can be calming and provide an otherwise neutral space with a touch of color without going overboard. Because of the soothing effect this color provides, we recommend playing with the different shades and textures of blue in your family room and bedroom.




Light pinks and nudes seem to pair naturally and give your rooms a sense of femininity. Softer pinks can easily be paired with blues and greens for a subtle accent to the space. Taupe and blush paired with mixed metal tones can easily give a room dimension.



To view some of the other colors available for our Ultra Mark, head over to our Color Page. 

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