Product Spotlight: Fil-Stik

June 01, 2018


Mohawk Fil-Stiks® (often referred to as just Fill Stick) are colored wax filler sticks that help eliminate nicks and scratches in wooden surfaces- even useful for filling nail holes in your floor boards! Functioning like a crayon, these color replacement sticks provide quick and easy repairs that anyone can use. These putty fillers are ideal for using on wood and leather furniture, picture frames, plastics and paneling.

Keep in mind that Fil-Stiks® are not meant for "high traffic" areas or parts of furniture that may come in contact with clothing.


  1. Use a leveler to remove any loose splinters in the damaged area. You can use a leveler card or plastic putty knife. An old credit card will even do the trick. Just make sure that the surface around your repair is as smooth as possible.
  2. Pick the color of Fill Stick that best matches the finish of your wood furniture. If you can't find an exact match, go with a color that's a tad bit darker rather than lighter.
  3.  Rub the Fill Stick into the damage like using a crayon. You'll have to apply some pressure to make sure that the wax filler completely fills your scratch.
  4. Get that leveler back out to scrape away the excess material until the fill is even with the wood surface.
  5. Last, you'll want to use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away any excess wax that remains after leveling. This will help if your repaired area appears shiny following application. Be careful not to wipe the repair.

To see these steps in action, watch Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body in the video below.




Looking for an even easier solution (we know, as if it could get any easier)? Our newest product, the 3-in-1 Repair Stick, features three essential products to filling damages put together in just one tool: Fil-Stik®, wood stain marker, and a leveling cap to smooth out your repair area. These repair sticks can be used together to create custom color matching to most wood finishes and are perfect when fixing up IKEA® furniture.


Click the video below to watch Tasha repair a damaged piece of IKEA® black brown furniture:


*IKEA® is a trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems and the use of the IKEA mark is intended only to inform you of color compatability.  Mohawk is not affiliated or endorsed by IKEA.

As always, feel free to tag us in any of your recent DIY wood working projects using #MohawkConsumer on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. See you next week!

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