Custom Builds With Brad Angove

May 25, 2018

Brad Angove is the master of guitar tips and tricks. Using one of his newest guitar kits and a handful of our products, Brad custom builds his very own Spalted Top Les Paul Guitar from scratch. Best of all, Brad uses no special equipment and applies products only by hand to show how easy these products are to work with. 

The custom build tutorials are great for the beginner luthiers wanting to take the jump into this hobby but are fearful of the required skillset they believe is needed. Watch how it's done.

 Part One: Neck and Fret Work


First comes first, Brad tackles the neck and fret work. Brand walks you through the steps needed to make sure that your guitar after being fully assembled and finished sounds as good as it looks.

Part Two: Gluing and Sanding


Brad moves to the next step of the gluing the neck onto the guitar body and sanding to prep for the desired finish.

Part Three: Adding Stain Graphics


Now onto the customization of the guitar. Brad decided to take a creative spin over the traditional by using our Ultra Mark wood touch up markers to free hand some detailed rose graphics to the back of the guitar body. He used three contrasting shades of brown to add dimension to really stand out after the finish is applied.

Step Four: Applying An Oil Finish


Using Behlen Naphtha, Brad wipes the guitar down to get rid of any residual dust and prep for the application of Behlen Tung Oil. Applying with a foam brush, Brad evenly applies the tung oil to the build.

Last Step: Brushing on Gloss Urethane


The last step is to add some gloss using our Behlen Rockhard Table Top Urethane Varnish to protect the guitar. Now THAT'S a great build, Brad! To watch the guitar build from start to finish, click here. 

Have a build you want to show off to us? Tag us with #MohawkConsumer on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for a chance for us to share! See you next week.

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