Things To Know Before Finishing Your Guitar

March 16, 2018

Brad Angove's YouTube channel provides DIYers with a ton of how-to-videos that focus on custom painting and guitar painting. He previously did a series of how-to videos for the Behlen Guitar Finishing Kit (you can see those here). In two of Brad's more recent videos, he continues to discuss some things we think you should know before you start to finish your guitar. Click on the images to watch the videos.

Primer VS Sealer (and what they are used for)

In this video, Brad explains the common confusion around why you should grab a primer or a sealer over the other option. To make things simple: the main purpose of primer is to allow paint to adhere to metal surfaces (you can use it on certain types of wood and plastic surfaces though), and the primary purpose of sealer is to seal porous wood.

You can get by spraying lacquers directly onto wood without prepping your surface, but if the wood is too porous, it will absorb the lacquer and require you to overspray product as you slowly fill in the holes.

Brad also explains what the different types of sealers (including his favorite Behlen Vinyl Sealer) are used for.

Things to Know 1

Nitrocellulose Lacquer Never Cures

So you've prepped your wood surface. Now what? In this video, Brad explains some of the misconceptions surrounding nitrocellulose lacquer, as well as the difference between curing and drying.

Nitrocellulose Lacquer can be one of the most common types of lacquer when being used for woodworking and custom builds. But did you know that nitrocellulose lacquer never cures completely? He also talks about the benefits and downfalls to drying finishes vs curing finishes. Keep watching to get a better understanding of which lacquer best suites your projects needs.

His personal favorite? Our Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aerosol takes the cake.

Things to Know 2


To learn about our guitar finishing products, click here. Be sure to share your projects with us using #mohawkconsumer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you next Friday!

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