Tips For Wood Repairs

February 09, 2018

Ever wondered which products to use when damage to wood furniture happens? Not sure how to get the best experience when using these wood repair products? We've got some tips to make these decisions as clear as possible to get you the right result.

wood Repair 1

Determine the size of your damage.

The size of your damage will determine which products you will need to use for your repair. The damage can range from small scratches (like those that a cat might accidentally leave) to chipped corners. Look at what you want to repair, and see how deep the scratch is. Is it only a nick/small scratch on the surface, or is it much deeper? Is the damage a scratch/gouge, or more of a hole/broken piece? Once you have answered these questions, you can determine the product that you will need to use. 

Determine the product needed.

If your damage is a nick/small scratch on the surface, then you can use our 3-in-1 Repair Stick. You can replace color with the marker side, use the Fil-Stik side to repair gauges, or combine the two together for a blended repair. We recommend picking a color of repair stick that is as close to your finish as possible. Here is a video of the repair stick in use. 

Wood Repair 2

If your damage is a deep scratch/gouge, then our PermaFill system is the perfect solution. PermaFill is a battery operated, hard fill wood touch-up and repair system that is much easier to use than the traditional hard fill process. For more information on this product and what it can be used for, look at our PERMAFILL™ USES blog post. Here is a video of how to use the PermaFill.

Wood Repair 3

If you are trying to repair a large hole or a broken corner, then Epoxy Putty Stick is the solution. Epoxy Putty can be molded into any shape and will not shrink. This means that it is perfect for large repairs such as filling large holes and broken corners. Using a sharp knife, you cut off a piece of Epoxy Putty just large enough to fix the size of the damage. You can apply a little bit of soapy water onto the product, and then knead the putty with your fingers to make it easier to work with. You can see the Epxy Putty in use here.

Wood Repair 4

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