New Homeowner Essentials

February 16, 2018

Becoming a new homeowner can be very exciting. It's a new experience, and we know you just can't wait to start decorating your new home! But once you get settled in, you may start to notice some areas of your new home that are experiencing a little wear and tear. Here are some of the products we think are "must haves" for every new homeowner and why you should always keep them handy.

3-In-1 Repair Stick

From baseboards to wood furniture, every home has at least one wood surface, which means more room for accidents. Sometimes the color can wear. Other times the wood can get scratched- they can even occur when you are moving your furniture into your home for the first time! Our 3-in-1 Repair Stick solves both problems in one convenient product. Use the marker side to add color to areas that are worn or scratched. The Fil-Stik side is perfect for filling in any nicks and scratches (just use the leveling cap to remove any excess material when you are finished). Our Repair Sticks come in a variety of colors to match any wood surface. If your home has lighter oak colored trim as most older homes do,  Caramel would be the prefect color.

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Photo courtesy of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer's Body

Behlen Slideez

Squeaky drawers and hard to open windows or doors can be a very common problem in starter homes. Squeaky or hard to open, we have a simple fix. Slideez sticks to furniture longer than any other normal lubricants you would use and comes in a semi-paste consistency. It can lubricate wood, metal, and plastic, which makes it perfect for any piece of furniture in your home needing some TLC.

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Photo courtesy of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer's Body

Oz Aerosol Cream Polish

Dust build up seems to be very visible in the places we least want it- We're looking at you, coffee table. To rebel dust from your surfaces (such as marble, stainless steel, and wood) without leaving a greasy mess, use OZ Aerosol Cream Polish. It dries quickly and is an all in one polish that cleans, polishes, and protects in one application. Just spray, wipe, and you're done! This makes it the perfect go to cleaning product for any homeowner.

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Brass Lacquer

Older homes usually come with older hardware. It can be hinges, drawer pulls, door knobs, or really anything. Over time those metal surfaces can tarnish and discolor from aging. Instead of completely replacing those well-loved and unique pieces, we recommend taking a try at buffing them up with our  Brass Lacquer. It is easy to apply and quick to dry. Keep this cleaner handy, and no one will ever question if your hardware is antique or brand new.

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Photo courtesy of WomanandHerWood (via Instagram)

Whether you're refinishing or restoring, Mohawk has you covered. Share your projects and experiences with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you next week!

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