Thankful Connections

November 09, 2018

Being a part of the woodworking and DIY community, we've been lucky enough to meet such a wide variety of talented and beautiful people. We've met men and women just getting started in the industry and have made connections with professionals who just plain make it look easy.

We're thankful that such a tight knit community has welcomed Mohawk Finishing Products with wide arms, and because of that, we wanted to say thanks to some individuals who are killing the game daily!

Lazy Guy DIY


If you're looking for humor mixed with key tips of the trade, then this is your guy. Adam comes from a self-taught background with no formal training and gives step-by-step instructions everyone can understand (with a side of sarcasm). Not only does Adam supply project how-to's and guides to get better at woodworking, he even gives honest reviews of popular industry tools and technology.

Reality Daydream

 reality daydream

Bethany and her husband, Nick, have been focused on adding personalized touches to their home since they bought it in 2009. They document the progress of their home renovation and write helpful tutorials to help make your home actually feel like a home. From wooden furniture to decorative wall art, Bethany is your one-stop-shop for your DIY to-do list! P.S.- They just bought a new home with plenty of square footage for all their creative ideas!

Pneumatic Addict


 Born and raised by a family of DIYers, Elisha has handy work blood flowing through her veins. Starting off as a former independent hairstylist, she knows how to get things done on her own. One of her main goals is to help take the scary away from the tool and lumber sections of the hardware store. If you're looking to build your own custom furniture or upcycle something from the thrift store, she provides walk throughs that make projects easy. Simple.

Designer Trapped


Tasha, our brand ambassador, likes to say that she was a lawyer trapped in a designer's body (hence the blog name), but she couldn't fight that DIY craving for long. She's now transformed her hobby of do-it-yourself blogging into her fulltime career! The DIY addiction started with her home purchase in 2002, and the ideas have been flowing ever since. Tasha finds cost efficient ways to turn your own into your happy place, because everyone deserves to love their home regardless of their budget.

Brad Angove

brad angove

Brad is our guitar refinishing guru. Brad films YouTube tutorials that cover topics, like custom guitar painting walkthroughs, tips for using airbrush equipment, and explanations of which type of product fits each situation. He's constantly testing out new products to give you honest reviews that'll push you in the right direction depending on your level of expertise. 

Love & Renovations

love renovations

Amanda says that she's a big believer in not having to be an expert to get the beautiful home you deserve. And we agree! After purchasing a home from the original homeowners, she quickly built a DIY project list that keeps growing alongside her family. She proves that sometimes you just need a little touch up here and there to totally transform the room into one you love.

We're thankful to be given the opportunity to learn and continue to be inspired by such a group of talented individuals. Thank you from your friends at Mohawk Finishing Products, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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