How to Use Mohawk's 3 in 1 Repair Stick

September 08, 2017

Our new 3 in 1 Repair Stick is incredibly easy to use - so easy, in fact, you'll wonder why you ever lived with damaged furniture before. 

Currently it only comes in four (4) colors - white, white stain, black, and brown. You can combine them to come up with a custom match your specific furniture, or use them on their own. They especially work great on IKEA® pieces, which is a dream come true to anyone who has ever dented/dinged their IKEA® furniture during moving and assembly.

Step One:

Pick the color that most closely matches the furniture you are working on. If you are working on a black/brown piece, pick the color that is closest to the color of the area you are touching up. If it's darker, go with black, if it's a lighter area, go with brown.

3 in 1 Spread

Step Two:

Make sure to remove any damaged wood that is sticking out of the area with the scraper tool. You want a flat surface for your fill.

Step Three:

Fill in the damaged area with the marker to replace any color that was lost, and wipe it with your finger to remove any excess color.

3 in 1 Marker

Step Four:

Use the fill stick side to fill in the damaged area, rubbing over the damaged area at a 45* angle.

3 in 1 Filler

Step Five:

Use the scraper tool to remove any excess filler

3 in 1 Scraper

Step Six:

Wipe the area with a cloth to clean it if needed, being careful to avoid wiping over top of the filled area.

It's that simple! Join us on social media and let us know what you think about our 3 in 1 and to stay in the know about our latest products. 


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