How to Clean Your Car's Leather With Mohawk

August 25, 2017

Do you have leather interior in your car? If so, you know just how dirty leather can easily get. Not to mention the scratches and stains! Pairing just a couple of our favorite care products, cleaning and protecting your leather car upholstery doesn't have to be time consuming.


We used the following products:

You could also use:

Make sure to read each of the products instructions carefully before applying, as some products will only work with certain types of leather/fabrics. 


Leather Care Kit

First up on our list is our Leather Care Kit. This kit supplies you with the common leather care products you'll need to keep your furniture looking and feeling great! The sponge and cloth are convenient additions and will help make detailing just that much easier.

Check out Tasha from Designer Trapped showing just how easy it can be in our how-to video:


Leather Scratch Remover


Next up is our Leather Scratch Remover. While cleaning up, we spotted some scratches on the seats and used the scratch remover to get them out. Our Leather Scratch Remover works best on aniline and pull-up leathers. It will not work on pigmented (top coated) leather, nubuck, and suede.


Leather Clean and Renew Wipes

Clean and renew in just one step with these Leather Clean and Renew Wipes. These wipes are perfect for removing dirt and grime.

Pro Tip: throw the Leather Clean and Renew Wipes in your glove box for an easy grab and go when messes happen! 


Vinyl/Plastic & Leather Cleaner

Last stop on our list is our Vinyl/Plastic & Leather Cleaner, which easily cleans vinyl upholstery, leather, and plastic. Not only does it clean, but it also provides a protective film for vinyl auto tops and upholstery. Use this as the final touch after detailing using the other products, especially after the Scratch or Ink Remover.


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