Our Favorite DIY Apps

July 14, 2017

If you're anything like us, sometimes a little DIY project can quickly go from easy peasy to stressful in seconds. Thankful for an age of unlimited, accessible knowledge, we can now easily get the help we need when things start to go just plain wrong. By downloading the right DIY app, you can make the most out of that home improvement idea you had, saving both time and some (sorry can't promise all) of your sanity. Keep reading to see if your favorite DIY app made the cut!




DIYZ is the one stop shop when you're looking for a DIY app. They have a great selection of projects to choose from, for both indoor and outdoor work. The search feature comes in handy and breaks down projects categorically. Once you find a project you like, they include a difficulty level, the time required to complete the project, and the cost of building it. Leaving no stone left unturned! Filled with videos, step by step instructions, and professional assistance, DIYZ has the tools you need to start you on your DIY journey.

2. HandyMobi home improvement DIY


HandyMobi home improvement DIY (HandyMobi for short,) is a more social version of DIYZ. HandyMobi lets users plan, track, and share DIY projects they find on the app. It's perfect for finding ideas and inspiration. Just like DIYZ, you can browse through projects categorically. You can even create your own projects!  One feature that stands out is the built-in tools, making this app more interactive, especially if your friends are also fellow DIYers. 

3. Handy Tools for DIY PRO

 Handy Tools

Handy Tools for DIY Pro (or just Handy Tools) is the only app on this list you'll have to shell out a little petty cash for, but we think it's totally worth it. If you thought HandyMobi was neat for having built-in tools, then just wait until you get your hands on the Handy Tools app. Handy Tools is exactly what it says it is: tools you can easily use on your phone. What a world we live in where hardware tools are just a click away. Handy Tools includes a surface level, ruler, protractor, bubble level, and plumb bob. Not only is this app easier to lug around than a tool box, it'll save you a couple bucks too.

4. Houzz Interior Design Ideas


Sometimes it's hard to envision what a project will turn out like. That's why Houzz Interior Design Ideas is on this list. You can find inspiration and ideas, but also see the big picture before you commit. Houzz features millions of photos of professionally designed interiors and exteriors. It's a virtual scrapbook of ideas. Users can tag photos with descriptions, post comments, and ask questions, just like you would on Facebook or Instagram! Curious to know if a light-colored stool work with that marble counter top you've been eyeing? Just search those terms and browse hundreds of real-life examples. Quick and painless.

5. Home DIY with Craig Philips


If you learn better from watching videos rather than reading instructions, this is the app for you. Home DIY with Craig Phillips is a collection of how-to videos and step-by-step advice. He also includes a list of items you need to complete the project, which you can easily convert into a shopping list in the projects section. From there, you can save all your DIY tasks into customizable folders like to-do lists, photos, shopping lists and room calculations. Home DIY also has a handy calculator for purchasing materials such as tiles and paint. From simple DIY projects to advance, this app is a great starting point for any DIYer.

And there you have it, the best apps for a diehard DIYer. Did we miss anything? Let us know on Twitter, and see you next Friday!

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