Spring into Cleaning with Mohawk

March 03, 2017


Whether you're taking full advantage of warmer days or still struggling along in the snow, this is the perfect time to tackle Spring head on. Get an early start with us on jazzing up your house and giving it the sparkle it deserves. After all, a happy home is a clean one, right? 

Start out easy and go around your home noting the things that need a little pick me up. Are there scuff marks on the floor from the new couch you got this winter? If you have pets, check table and chair legs for scratch and bite marks. Or if you have kids, take note of all the places where smudgy fingerprints appear. Then take inventory of the cleaning and touch up materials you already have. If you're running low, make a list of the things you need. Take a look below at the products we recommend you stock up on. 

Luckily for you, we have products to fix any problem! Mohawk is to your rescue! Head over to our website to see the full list of helpful touch-up items or to our Amazon store to order everythine you need. Most products are accompanied by a helpful how-to video and step by step instructions on how to use your touch-up materials. 

What we'll be using around our homes this Spring:

 Pro mark

  • Pro Mark Markers - These wood touch up markers can be used to refinish worn out spots and scratches that appear on wood furniture, floors, or cabinetrs. 

Ultra Mark

  • Ultra Mark Markers - Our favorite go to, these paint/stain markers can be used to touch up trim, doors, furniture, or anything else you can think of. You'll be walking around your house trying to find more things to fix with Ultra Marks. 

Patchal Putty

  • Patchal Putty - Used for small defects like nail holes, miter joints, cabinet seams, and much more! You just apply the putty with your finger to the problem area and then smooth it out with a cloth. 

Epoxy Putty

  • Epoxy Putty - This product is used for more serious repairs like large holes and broken corners. It can be painted, stained, or covered with one of our markers to make it look as if you never made a repair in the first place. 

Fil Stik

  • Fil Stiks - Use these soft wax sticks in low traffic areas. They're great to fill in small nicks and scratches. Use it just like a crayon and scrape off any excess with a plastic card. 

OZ Polish

  • OZ Polish - available in an aerosol and cream, you can apply shine to just about anything. This is what will get rid of those pesky fingerprints we see everywhere. Use it on your table, chairs, refrogerator, sinks, anything you can imagine.

Ink Remover

  • Ink Remover - get rid of stains from fabric, leather and upholstery with this cleaner that can also remove grease, food stains, and more. 

Scratch Remover

  • Scratch Remover - this tiny bottle does a lot of good. In an easy two step application you can remove small scratches from your favorite leather items. 

Don't forget to watch the how-to videos so you get a  flawless fix the first time around! Reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions. Spring into cleaning with us by using #MohawkConsumer

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