Ultra Mark Projects from our Favorite Bloggers

February 10, 2017


Ultra Marks are by far one of our favorite products here at Mohawk. They're incredibly versatile and the projects you can do with them are endless! Ultra Marks are mainly used to touch up your wood and painted furniture after it becomes chipped or scratched, but we love putting on our thinking caps and coming up with fun projects! Here are two projects we love from some of our favorite bloggers. 

Adult Coloring Book Inspired Stained Art

By: Reality Daydream

Reality Daydream 2

Reality Daydream 3

Reality Daydream 1


Easy DIY Ornaments

By: Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body

Tasha 2

Tasha 1

Tasha 3

Interested in getting started on an Ultra Mark project? Click the image below to watch a tutorial and see how easy it is to use Ultra Mark Markers! You'll be thinking up more projects in no time. 

Ultra marks

Ultra Marks also come in a variety of colors, more than you could imagine. There's no limit to what you could do! View the Ultra Mark Color Guide below to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. 


Whether it's for a touch-up around your home or for your latest DIY project, Ultra Marks will suprise you. See for yourself what they're all about and then share your projects with us! #MohawkConsumer 

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