Getting Your House Ready for Thanksgiving

November 10, 2017

The best part about Thanksgiving is being around family and eating all of the delicious food you can fit in your belly. You spend hours cooking and getting the food ready for the big day. But you can't forget to clean your house, right? It's time to get in that cleaning spirit and tidy your house up for Turkey Day!

Prep for The Cleaning Frenzy

Before you start cleaning or touching something up, it's important to prep your surface. That's exactly what Wax Wash Remover is designed to do. It will remove oil, wax, and foreign materials from most surfaces and leave them ready for touch up. It's also perfect for removing excess wax from accidentally overfilling scratches in wood furniture using Fil Sticks, Hard Fill Sticks, Blendal Sticks, and Quick Fill Sticks.


Suggested Products: Wax Wash Remover


Remove Scratches from Your Tables and Chairs

You don't want your guests looking at your scratched table, do you? Touch up your wood furniture to make your home seem brand new and ready for guests. We just came out with a 3-in-1 Repair Stick that will become your best friend. With this repair stick, you can fill scratches and nicks, level the surface and blend in the color all in one handy tool. For more color options, you can also use our Fill Sticks and Ultra Marks.


Suggested Products: 3-in-1 Repair Stick, Fill Sticks, Ultra Marks


Clean and Polish Everything

Your guests are going to be amazed when everything looks brand new and has a shine to it. Whether it's an appliance, furniture or flooring, OZ® Cream Polish will clean up the mess and leave it smelling fresh. It's also available in an aerosal can. OZ® Cream Polish is so versatile, you will be using it regularly! 


Suggested Products:  OZ Cream Polish


Shoes Off at The Door

Okay, new rule: Shoes are taken off at the door, or you will be eating turkey outside. Your floors deserve care and attention. Our Hydro Care Wood Floor products are perfect for cleaning and polishing sealed wood and laminate flooring. This will not only make them look brand new when you guests walk in, but make it easier to clean in the future and harder to get dirty.


Suggested Products:  Hydro Care Wood Floor Cleaner and Hydro Care Wood Floor Protector


Now you're ready for Thanksgiving Day! Don't be a stranger. Stop back for more helpful tips and tricks from the experts to make caring for your wood surfaces easy as pie (pumpkin hopefully).

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