DIY Repairs Made Easy

October 06, 2017

When dealing with minor scratches and damages, our new 3-in-1 Repair Stick should be your go-to weapon when saving furniture from the wrath of wear and tear. With colors specifially mixed with IKEA® furniture in mind, you'll want one of these bad boys in every drawer of your house. Check out our favorite DIY furniture repair projects from our favorite bloggers!

Fear of scratches and nicks shouldn't come between living your life and adding the perfect furniture piece to your living space. Reality Daydream knows that scratches are invevitable, especially when you throw a couple kids into the mix.


And if kids weren't enough, add a dog, a cat, or even a chicken like in Lazy Guy DIY's case. We like to think that damages don't stand a chance with this handy tool, regardless of the culprit.

Lazy Guy DIY 

Check out how easy 3-and-1 repairs are here.

When you love something, set it free. Right? Wrong! Love & Renovations fell head-over-heels in love with their dining table, and now they never have to let that baby go.

Love &Renovations _3and1


So your friends were nice enough to help you move into your new home, but didn't show as much love to your furniture as you had hoped? Packing up shop is stressful enough without adding scuffed furniture to the list. Don't worry. Really. Pneumatic Addict has you and your sanity covered.

Pneumatic Addict Before _3and1Pneumatic Addict After _3and1


New house, low budget. Right? If you're anything like Wife In Progress, the majority of their savings went straight to their mortgage, meaning buying loads of IKEA® furniture to help fill the space.

 Wife In Progress Before _3and1 Wife In Progress After _3and1


Riddle us this: What's better than the prices of IKEA® furniture? Thrifted IKEA® furniture! The Heathered Nest knows how this little furniture repair tool can help keep those pennies in your pocket.

Heathered Nest Before _3and1Heathered Nest After _3and1

With the Mohawk 3-and-1 Repair Stick, you can take a once cherished piece of furniture, fix up those imperfections, and show it love again in three quick steps.

Join us on social media and let us know what you think about our 3-and-1, as well as to stay in the know about our latest products. See you next week!

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