7 Spooktacular Halloween DIY Projects

October 20, 2017

The countdown to Halloween is on! It's time to decorate your front porch and lawn with the best Halloween themed DIY projects. If you haven't made a DIY project for Halloween yet, don't panic. We have 7 ideas that you will fall in love with. 


1. DIY Boo Pallet Project


BOO! This sign is an easy and fun to make Halloween decoration. It's perfect to add to your Halloween mantel display, hang on a door, or prop on your front porch. Best part is that you can use Solar-Lux in Jet Black to make the black background.

2. Wood Pallet Jack O' Lantern


Spook up your front porch, walkway, foyer or any dark corner with this rustic project. The best part about it is that it's made out of a old wood pallet! Talk about repurposing! To really get that rustic feel with the grain, use Blendal Sticks and Brush Tip Graining Markers

3. 2 x 4 Candy Corn


These candy corns are the perfect indoor decoration. We like how you can create different shapes and sizes. The straw adds a very rustic element, as does the paint. This project is screaming for Blendal Sticks

4. Halloween Sugar Skull


Talk about unique! Imagine having this on your front porch? Inside the eyes, you can put candy for all of the trick or treaters. The colors are bright and bold thanks to  DayGlo's Screamin Fluorescent Paint. If neon isn't your thing, you can give them a classic look with our Solar-Lux Dye Stains

5. Halloween Jack O' Lanterns


Your front porch is in dire need for these wood Jack O' Lanterns and ghosts! You can easily make goblins and other scary creatures. We love how you can customize their faces and make them super goofy. All you need are a handful of Ultra Marks.  

6. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins


There's nothing better than using reclaimed wood for a project. You can make them into any size you want. Use our Solar-Lux to splash these pumpkins with a variety of natural wood colors. 

7. Sit A Spell Chair


No instructions for this one, but we couldn't resist the urge to include it. How awesome is this? Whether you make this chair or another wood finishing project, be creative and have fun with your idea! But most importantly, make sure it's spooky!

There you have it! Make sure you frequently check in with us for tons of awesome holiday themed DIY ideas and projects! What Halloween projects are you making? Share your ideas and projects with us on Facebook Twitter, or  Instagram

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