5 Ways to Keep Character Alive

January 20, 2017

Do you remember the exact moment you fell in love with your home, or even with your favorite piece of furniture? Take a look around. All the itmes in our home are attached to a memory or come with a story, giving them the character that makes a house a home. If those items you once treasured so much aren't as pristine anymore, it might be time to give them a little TLC. Below we discuss the items that are most commonly neglected and how you can liven them up to return the shine that first caught your eye. 

Drawers and Windows

Squeaky drawers and hard to open windows should not be a common nuisance in your home. This is one simple fix that makes a world of a difference. Slideez is good for a variety of uses and sticks to furniture longer than any other normal lubricants you would use. It has a semi-paste consistency and can lubricate wood, metal, and plastic making it perfect for old squeaky doors or the nightstand beside your bed. 


Wood Surfaces

Oil and wax from polishes often build up and leave a film on the surfaces you use them on. When the time comes for you to refinish the piece, Wax Wash Remover makes the DIY process easier by removing all foreign materials from the surface. Leaving any oil or wax on the surface will complicate the drying of a new finish and can even cause defects in the new topcoat. With just one application your wood surface is ready to be refinished or touched-up. Wax Wash Remover is great for removing excess material from Fill Sticks, Hard Fill Sticks, Blendal Sticks, and Quick Fill Sticks

 Coffee table


Tables, especially kitchen ones, seem to aquire many scratches and stains over the years from just about everything. Tables that get alot of traffic need a product that not only cleans well, but leads to less cleaning time in the future. Scratch and Mar Resistor Polish is made to protect wood surfaces from scratches, dust, and smudgy fingerprints. The polish adds a minor surface lubrication, adding a layer of protection without altering the beauty of the current finish.  


Stainless Steel and Marble

Dust build up seems to be very visible in the places we least want it. Repel dust from the treasures in your home made of marble, stainless steel, and wood by using a polish that doesn't leave a greasy mess. OZ Cream Polish has a quick drying time and is an all in one polish that cleans, polishes, and protects in one simple step. Often used by professionals, it's outcome is tried and true. 


Wood Floors

Wood floors are a big draw in many homes. Original flooring can be beautiful and have so much character but it's often a struggle to find the perfect cleaner to keep them in good shape. Hydro Care Floor Cleaner is a two-for-one product that cleans and removes wax build up at the same time. This is the perfect way to freshen up your sealed wood floors or to remove heel and scuff marks. This product is frequently used with Behlen Hydro Care Wood Floor Protector


Your home has a history - shouldn't you use products that have stood the test of time as well? Whether you're refinishing or restoring, Mohawk has you covered. We want to help you tell the story of your home and to preserve it for years to come. Share your projects and experiences with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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