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January 13, 2017

We understand that DIY projects, although they mean 'Do-It-Yourself', may make you feel under-qualified to complete the given task.  Whether it is a broken chair leg, scratch marks on your kitchen table, or making sure your cabinets are protected and looking healthy, the projects range in difficulty from easy to impossible, and we would like to help.  

We have broken up this blog article into the following sections; Wood Touch Up & Repair, Leather Touch & Repair, and Miscellaneous Surfaces.  

Wood Touch Up & Repair

Ultra Mark Wood Touch Up Marker

Worn edges and areas of wooden furniture that has faded color can be a small, yet annoying eye sore on your favorite piece of furniture.  The Ultra Mark wood marker uses dye pigments to stain the worn areas corresponding to the surrounding areas. Before the marker is used on a surface, it should be tested on a spot that is not easily visible to ensure the right color has been chosen.  We made a guide to help find the best color here. If you are curious as to how easy this remarkable tool can help you, click the photo to see Tasha from Designer Trapped In A Lawyer's Body walk you through it. 

Ultra Mark


Pro Mark Wood Touch Up Marker

The Pro Mark offers a capillary tip that dispenses ink evenly and can be used for one inch or 20 feet without stopping! The Pro Mark contains dye colors instead of stain colors like that of the Ultra Mark.  An example of how the Pro Mark can be used is found by clicking on the image below. 

Pro Mark II


Patchal Putty

The area where two piece of wood come together can often be more noticeable than desired, which is exactly why Patchal Putty is a great fit.  Patchal Putty is an easy to use putty that can be applied with the tip of your finger.  Simply collect the desired amount, apply to the area needed, remove the excess with an old credit card, and you are all set.  Click to see how Tasha applies it. 

Patchal Putty


Fil Sticks

Finally for the Wood Touch Up & Repair section, Fill Sticks can be used to add desired color to any minor scratches or gouges on wood or hard plastic areas.  Fill Sticks come in over 100 different colors, and are well respected and known in the touch up industry.  Simply pick your desired color, press the tip of the Fill Stick to the beginning of the gouge, apply pressure, and watch your scratch disappear!  See what we mean by clicking the image. 

Fill Stick


Leather Touch Up & Repair

Leather Cleaning, Protection and Stain Removal System

While leather furniture has become a staple for the modern day living and family rooms, that does not negate the fact that stains and wearing down often tarnish what was once great.  In order to combat that, clean and protect your leather furniture with Mohawk.  Not only does the Mohawk Leather System clean and protect, but it also helps you remove stains like marks from pens, lipstick, grass stain, and much more!  See how quickly Tasha removes pen from leather in the video below. 

Ink Remover


Leather Scratch Removal

For natural leathers, it can be frustrating to look down and see a scratch from where your dog's collar got a little too close for comfort.  Without the need to rub and pray it goes away, we have a better idea.  Why not have a jar of repairing solution to combat this aggravating eye sores?  Tasha takes you through just how simple it is to make that scratch disappear. 

Scratch Remover


Miscellaneous Surfaces

OZ Cream Polish

OZ Cream Polish is one of those things that can be used on virtually (OK, not flat painted surfaces) anything.  This includes cleaning and protecting the following: enameled, varnished and lacquered wood, metal surfaces, leather, linoleum, tile, glass, porcelain, masonite, bathroom fixtures, windows, mirrors, pianos, and all kitchen appliances.  It's simple to use, but just to showcase it, click below!

Oz Cream Polish - Fridge


Brash Lacquer

Tarnished brass can not only be frustrating, but it takes away from the beauty and splendor that is brass!  Protect and polish it with our brass lacquer.  See how easy it is below. 

Brass Lacquer


There you have it!  We hope that these videos make our more intimidating products less intimidating.  As always, reach out to us with questions on our Twitter and Facebook - we love hearing your feedback and project photos! 

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