5 Must See DIY Projects

July 21, 2016

Over the past few months, we have received submissions from professional luthiers, beginner Do-It-Yourself-ers, and everyone in between.  With all of the love that we recevied, we decided to highlight 5 of our favorite submissions, who did them, what products and processes they used, and a photo of the finished project. 

Feel free to submit us your recent projects (as well as the products you used on it) to qualify yourself to be in our next blog!  Submit your photos on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or using our hashtag, #MohawkConsumer


#1 - Mid-1950s Framus Cello Refurbishment

Completed by: American Toolbox 

Products used: Behlen Violin Varnish, Behlen Rottenstone, and Behlen Hide Glue.

The Process: "Received a damaged cello.  Removed top, repaired various cracks, reglued top with Behlen Hide Glue.  Extensive finish damage.  Purchased Behlen Violin Varnish, diluted with denatured alcohol, tinted with old collection of pigments.  Learned 57 ways not to apply varnish.  Used Behlen Wool Lube and Rottenstone extensivly between coats and at completion.  More images at www.nakedluthier.com"




#2 - Table Staining

Completed by: Debra D. 

Products used: Jet Black Solar-Lux NGR Dye Stain  

The Process: "I made this bar height backless bench for my son's outdoor bar.  It has a 30" seat height. Made from red oak.  After assembly, a fine sand using 220 grit.  3 coats of your Jet Black Solar Lux NGR Dye Stain.  Using the finest steel wool, lightly go over the first coat only.  Then, I used Old Masters Wiping Stain, Spanish Oak to really turn it ebony.  2-3 coats on top of the dye.  Finished using Old Masters water based Spar Urethane for outside protection.  I used quality 1 and 2 inch foam brushes to apply all the dye, stain, and finish."

Outdoor Stain



#3 - Chair Makeover

Completed by: Thomas F. of Flintwood Furniture

Products used: BurgundyStain with a Dark Red Walnut tinted Lacquer (Ultra Classic Toner), and it was finished with Tone Finish Clear (Satin)

The Process: "First, I stripped it down by sanding it 3 times.  1st with 60 grit, then with 100 grit, then with 150 grit.  Then, I vacuumed it with a shop vacuum.  Then, I washed it off with Mohawk Naphtha, applied stain, let it dry for 2 hours, sprayed 2 coats of lacquer, adn sanded again with 400 grit sand paper.  I tinted it with Mohawk Dark Red Mahogany Ultra Classic, then finished it off with 1 more coat of Mohawk Satin Lacquer."

Chair Makeover



#4  - Finishing Done by a Luthier

Completed by: Jesse Ian H.

Products Used: Classic Instrument Lacquer, E-Z Vinyl Sealer Medium Solids, and Lacquer Reducer 2255

The Process: "My process is: Prep sand to 220 grit then 3-4 coats vinyl sealer.  Apply grain filler and apply 1 more coat of sealer.  Then, spray 8 coats of clear lacquer reduced 50%. Level sand to 220 grit and spray color coat.  Then, 12 coats of clear lacquer reduced 50% with thinner.  Wait 1 week and wet sand with 1200 grit and buff."

Guitar Finish



#5 - Before & After - Table Edition

Completed by: Curtis G. of Curtis Glover Creative

Products Used: Designer Stain Radiant Series Golden Brown Stain with a Satin 40 Lacquer Finish.

The Process: "Took 60 grit sandpaper to get the previous stain off, hand planed the top to eexpose the character in the wood, 120 grit to smooth out rough edges, then 300 to give it that smooth to the touch finish.  Stain took well to raw wood and sealed it with the satin finish, multiple overcoats on tabletop surface for durability purposes."

Before and After - Table


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