Q&A: Behlen Guitar Finishing Kit Winner

July 11, 2016

As some of you may know, our Facebook page recently reached 4,000 likes.  In order to thank everyone for their dedication to following our brand and story, we decided to give away a Guitar Finishing Kit for free!  In order to be entered to win, the contestant must have commented on the post with what they would use the Behlen Guitar Finishing Kit for.  Using Random.org, a winner was chosen: Tom Baker.  If you missed what is included in our Behlen Guitar Finishing Kit and what you can expect to accomplish with a kit, read our post here.

We wanted to learn more about one of our loyal fans - so, we decided to ask him a few questions.

The questions are in black with the respective answers from Tom Baker in red.

How long have you been finishing guitars for? I've been building and finishing guitars and drums since the beginning of 2014.

How many guitars (or instruments) have you finished? I believe as of right now, 9 guitars, 2 basses, 3 snare drums, and 1 full drum kit.

What is your profession? BB Custom Musical Instruments - www.bbcustominstruments.com

How did you hear about Mohawk/Behlen? By accident at my local retailer and had seen in the Wood Worker Supply Catalog.

What is your favorite guitar that you have finished? My favorite is the one that I am doing right now.  Having the video to show me the steps that I had been missing before was tremendous helpful, which makes this one and the ones going forward my favorites.

How long did that guitar take for you to finish? Not accounting for dry and cure times, maybe 3 hours give or take.

Why was this certain guitar your favorite? I had been struggling since the inception of my business to get a "dipped in glass" gloss finish.  With the products in the finishing kit, I have been able to get closer than ever to the end product that I am trying to make.

Below are a two guitars that Tom used his Guitar Finishing Kit on.  He told us that he is in the process of building a guitar from scratch, and we will write a detailed blog post about his next guitar finishing project (and yes, it will include pictures). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to know when our next blog post has been published. Great job, Tom!


Tom Baker (1)



Tom Baker (2)

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