Stain Removal for Leather

April 21, 2016

It happened again. You were playing with your 3-year-old daughter, and she somehow managed to snag a pen without you looking and get it all over your brand new leather couch.  But what's this?  She also managed to get some of that chocolate egg you got her for Easter on there too!  Should you throw your couch away and buy a new one?  Not on our watch.  


Ink Removal

Needed Products: 

Note: Ink Remover should only be used on top coated (or pigmented leather) as well as vinyl surfaces. Engine grease, stains from food or grass, and grime are all examples of stains that can be removed with the Ink Remover.  Follow the same procedures below.  


Leather or Vinyl

Note: Ink Remover will be the effective on recent (within 3 to 5 days) stains.  Test in an unnoticeable area before using on the actual stain. 

Step 1:

Clean the area with either the Leather Cleaner or a Leather Clean and Renew Wipe.

Step 2:

Take the cap off the Ink Remover tube and push the tube from the bottom with your index finger until about ¼" of the stick is revealed.

Step 3:

With the Ink Remover in hand, apply the stick directly onto the stain. Make sure to cover the entire area of the mark. In order to get the remover further into the texture of the leather and stain, apply the stick using various motions as well as going in different directions. If you only apply from one direction, parts of the stains could be left untreated. It is important to note that hard scrubbing may cause color loss and should be avoided. As the Ink Remover is applied, parts of the stain will be removed onto the stick. Once the stain transfers to the stick, use a clean tissue or cloth to wipe off the end. 

Step 4:

When you see the ink (or stain) has dissolved, use your Leather Cleaner (or a wipe) to wash away the remaining residue. Use a tissue or a clean white cloth to dry the area. Do not use a colored cloth or tissue because color may be transferred from the cloth to the leather. 

Step 5:

In order to completely remove the ink (or stain), multiple applications of the Ink Remover must be used. The average tends to be around 2 or 3 applications. In order to reapply, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 for every additional application. 

Step 6:

In the instance that the stain still has not been removed, reapply the Ink Remover. Take a soft bristled brush (an example would be a tooth brush), dip it in distilled water, and gentley scrub the stain. 

Step 7:

After the scrubbing has been completed, wash away the remaining residue with Leather Cleaner (or a wipe). Step 6 may be repeated as often as needed. 

Step 8:

In order to protect the area from other stains or spills, apply Leather Protector to a clean cloth or use Leather Protecting Wipes. 

Step 9:

Give your kids more things to mark your couch up with because that was fun! 


If you have any questions about the steps above, please reach out to our Facebook page so that we can help you in any way that we can! 

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