Spring Cleaning Touch Ups & Repairs

March 22, 2016

Spring has finally arrived.  Gone (hopefully) are the days of treacherous roads plagued by that evil white stuff, frigid mornings, and barren trees.  Along with the changing weather, comes the infamous and most dreaded event of the year: Spring Cleaning. Whether it was the new couch you bought that left marks on the trim in your dining room or your cat scratching the legs of your favorite chair, we put together this quick guide to make repairing your wooden features as quick and painless as possible.

Step 1: Go through your house and take note of any minor/major scratches, discolorations, or missing pieces of wood from cabinets, furniture, or tables.  Also, take note of the color because this will dictate which markers and putty you may purchase in the future.

Step 2: Order the supplies needed.  Below is a quick description of each product as well as the link to the product on our page which also has a step by step guide on how to apply it.
  • Pro Mark II - This wood touch up marker used to refinish worn out spots and scratches on furniture, floors, or cabinets. Our industrial formulated markers ensure that your scratch will be no match for our ink.
  • Ultra Mark - This is a paint/stain marker used to touch up trim/doors/furniture or anything else you can think of!
  • Patchal Putty - Used for small defects like nail holes, miter joints, cabinet seams and much more! Use your finger to fill in the hole, and then use a cloth to smooth it out.
  • Epoxy Putty - Restore, repair, and rebuild various types of wood and other hard surfaces.  This putty is a permanent fix to filling large holes, broken corners, and much more!
  • Blendal Sticks - Used to blend colors to get the perfect match for your finish.
  • Fil Stik - Use the Fil Stik to easily fill in nicks and scratches on low traffic areas.  Run it on then scrape off the excess with a plastic card.  Can it get any easier?
  • Oz Polish (Aerosol and Cream) - Leaves a beautiful shine on anything you polish. Table? Chair? Refrigerator? Sink? Yes. Try it on just about anything! 
  • Scratch and Mar Resister Polish - This polish lubricates the surface of your furniture, helping prevent scratches and smudging. It also repels dust, which is a very nice feature if you ask us! 

Step 3: Go through and clean the areas of splinters or rough edges that may cause trouble.

Step 4: Apply products.  If you need help or guidance with how to apply, follow the respective links to each of the products pages or watch YouTube videos here.

Step 5: Wait for them to dry and then apply a scratch resistant polish (in the case of a touch up with markers, wait 2-3 days before polishing).  

Step 6:  Pour yourself a tall glass of ice cold lemonade for doing such a great job.

Reach out on our Facebook page with any questions, concerns, or even tips and tricks you've learned!

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