6 Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

December 29, 2016

With the end of 2016 approaching quickly, we shift our eyes not from what has been, but what will be.  In 2016, we saw the rise of white appliances and furniture, consignment and thirfting, rustic and chic wooden tables, and marble accents.  As 2017 draws near, we decided to research 6 interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2017.  While some of these may surely fail, we believe that the overall ideas will remain.  


1. Brass and Gold Fixtures 

First and foremost, brass and gold plated fixtures are going to gain popularity.  Not only is brass a great way to display a contrasting tint to a room or accessory, but it also displays elegance and sophistication without being too loud.  Take a look at the brass mug below - not only does this fit along perfectly with the simplistic white and rustic tables we found popular in 2016, but it also adds a nice elegant and trendy tone to the overall room. 


Brass Cup

Brass Table Setting

DIY Project Idea: There are a couple of other ways to showcase brass or gold in your home.  One way would be to take a coffee cup that is traditionally wihte and tape off the top portion.  With Rust-Oleum Metallic Brass Spray in hand, coat the bottom half of your cup.  Remove the tape, and you have a chic coffee cup worthy of creating conversation at your next family gathering. 


2. Cork 

Believe it or not, we have started to see more and more pins and DIY projects related to Cork on our Pinterest.  There are a few interesting takes that you may use with the obvious being incorporating a corkboard in your office.  Another interesting take would be to convert a wall in your home into a large corkboard; able to place memos, to-do-lists, or the like.  Not only this, but apply some stain to the corkboard, and you instantly transform a once boring brown board into an accessory. 


Cork Board



3. Aquatic Colors

Although the aquatic colors may be loud of intrusive for some homes, in others, it may be the perfect accent you are looking for.  With one or two pieces of furniture showcasing a rich and full shade of blue, it adds a "fun" spark to the room.  Below are a couple of examples of just how easy it is to add a chic and flavorful touch to any room simply by painting an article of furniture blue or salvaging that mysterious teal couch from your local cosignment shop.  


Aquatic Couch

Aquatic Cabinet


4. Terracota

During 2016, we have also seen a rise in open floor plans, beige and tan colored furniture, and wood accented pieces.  One trend to keep an eye out for in the coming months would be an increase in terracota colored items.  This could include cow hide chairs, tan covered accessories on tables, or the like.  Examples of this can be seen below. 


Terracota Chair - 1

Terracota Chair - 2


5. Botanical Accents

Want a quick way to add sophistication and pizzaz to your room?  Create or buy a botanical accent! We have a few examples below, but we see this small and simplistic trend to grow in 2017 along with the terracota color.  The beauty of this trend is that it does not cost a fortune or consume a vast amount of time to create, and yet it establishes a prescence of life and vibrance to a rather drab room.  


Desk Botanical

Lamp/Desk Botanical


6. Black Stainless Steel

This trend is one that is still on the rise and may not be a huge hit in 2017, but still an idea to keep track of. Black Stainless Steel possesses the same characteristics of normal stainless steel (i.e., no finger prints or oil build up) with a stylish touch; the color black.  Now, although the design capablities from companies have yet to perfect the overall design, it still reigns supreme in an idea that may revolutionize the kitchen area. 


Black Stainless Steel

(photo courtesy of: Apartment Therapy)

Do you have interior housing trends of your own?  Share them with us on Twitter - we would love to hear how you are preparing your home for the New Year!

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