3 Touch Up Tips You Need to Know

November 11, 2016

We love all the projects that we get tagged in on social media so here are a few of our recent favorites and some tried and true touch-up tips from three professionals who know their way around a repair. Restorations and even small repairs can sometimes be intimidating but when Mohawk products are in your hands, any task if achievable. We bet you'll get the urge to start fixing after you see how rewarding touch-ups really can be.


Melissa Fritz

Products Used: Cherry Spray Toner

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doylefritz/

Touch-ups don't need to be complex in order to totally transform your piece. A few small fixes can truly make a world of a difference. Melissa simply used a small brush and Cherry Spray Toner to make a few small touch-ups, wiping occasionally with her finger to blend it into the existing finish. The little details are really what matter when it comes to repairing and can often times make a bigger impact than anything else that you do. 

Melissa Bench


Before and After

Favorite touch-up tip: "Just patience and finesse. When it comes to antique restoration, you need to make it look like you were never there. On some pieces, this requires out of the box thinking. I've had to make things worse in order to make them better. Respect for history and the hands that have loved that piece for years or hundreds of years also plays a huge role in restoration.


SG Woodwork

Products Used: Fil-Stiks

Website: http://www.sgwoodworksrva.com/ 

"I went to a client's house last week to repair a deep long scratch across multiple boards on a credenza that had just arrived from the factory. This is my specialty! I got out my Mohawk Fil-Stiks and went to town. I found 4 colors that matched the variation in the boards and got to work. I use a razor blade to shave off thin slivers of the darkest color and roll them between my fingers so they're long and skinny. Then I embedded them in the lighter colors to replicate grain."

SG Woodwork Credenza



Favorite touch-up tip: "Some people use a leveling card, but I'm old-fashioned and use my thumb to set it in the groove and remove the excess. Works every time, especially where you have high contrast."

Fair Auction Co.

Products Used: Blendal Powder Stain

Website: http://www.fairauctionco.com/

"My favorite Mohawk product is the blend all powder aniline dye kit. I use it daily for both onsite minor touchups and in between layers of finish for large refinishing projects. The box they come in makes it easy to transport and carry in my van."

Side table

 Carrying Case

Favorite touch-up tip: "When matching highly figured grain, you can paint on the mixed pigment with a brush and add extra depth and detail with your fingerprint as the paint dries."


Whether you go to a professional or try and tackle a project yourself, all it takes is a little love, patience, and Mohawk products to bring out the beauty in your furniture! Don't forget to share your projects with us using #MohawkFinishing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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